My Story

Helping You Move Forward

I first got involved with Buy to Let (BTL) investing in 2008. I would help my father find new tenants and deal with the change over of tenants. He had a small portfolio of three properties at the time. 

I then started to go a bit deeper into the numbers realising the great return property could provide. My father has bought in fairly unremarkable areas and still made good returns over a 25 year period.

This encouraged me to research more and start up a property network group, attend training workshops and read books… lots of books. I have now purchased five of my own BTL properties all using different techniques. They are all very basic, no frills BTL that provide a solid investment (16% return on the initial capital invested, figure based on rent alone). Not everyone wants complicated get rich schemes, but low hassle, slow and steady returns.

If this is you, I am happy to help.