An example of some of the investments that have been made via the Property Starter service so far.

Here are some of the investments that I have sourced for my own portfolio and other investers starting out in property. If you would like to see how I carry out my calculations please view the following link. 

Vanilla Buy to Let

12th July 2019

This is a two bed flat that Property Starter sourced, a no frills investment bought in an area of high rental demand in Nottingham, strong transport links and many national employers on it’s door step. This investor wanted a long term investment in a low risk area that required little maintenance. For the juicy figures click here.

Auction purchase

September, 2016

This property was bought out of auction. Property Starter tracked the property through two auctions when it did not sell (the reserve was 110,000 GBP). After a month of negotiating it was bought for 101,000 GBP. Valued a week later at 110,000 GBP, now in 2019 comparables are selling for 120,000 GBP. For a full break down of the figures, please click this link.

Classic below market value

August, 2015

After an extensive search and one purchase falling through, (due to dreaded subsidence) I found this straight forward one bed flat (built in the last ten years) near the station. At a price of 95,000 GBP, the flat was rented within hours of completion and revalued 8 months later at 120,000 GBP. The searching paid off. Check the figures out here.

Buy and refinance

January, 4, 2016

An overseas investor was looking for a cash purchase in an area with growth potential and a strong rental return. The property was bought in cash for 77,000 GBP and then refinanced for 85,000 GBP. Now the house provides a 30% return on investment with a strong rental yield. Check the investment figures out here.